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Feedback and Complaints

Help us improve

Gallang Place is always trying to improve on what we do. You can help us by giving feedback.

If you are happy with our service, you can leave a compliment.

If you are unhappy with our service or have a complaint let us know.

You can call, contact us or write to us - or you can drop into our office.


Phone: 07 3899 5041
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Address: 57 Southgate Ave, Cannon Hill QLD 4170 
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If you are unhappy with the service please take the following steps:

How to Make a Complaint

  1. First if you are comfortable discuss your concerns with a staff member or by filling in our online feedback form
  2. If you are not satisfied that the matter is resolved, ask to talk to the Supervisor or Manager
  3. If you are still not happy, you may write to the Board of Directors and address as follows:

Private and Confidential
Board of Directors
Gallang Place
57 Southgate Ave
Cannon Hill ld 4170

At any time in the complaints process you can have a representative or support person involved. This may be a family member, a friend or a professional person of your choosing.

Your concerns will be treated with respect and confidentiality, and your complaint will not affect how we work together or your access to our services.

Feedback we have received

Clients' feedback about our strengths:

  • Counsellors – good listeners, friendly, courteous, understanding, warm, caring, welcoming, make you feel comfortable

  • Professional, easy to talk to, down to earth

  • Always on time, prompt

  • Helped me with self confidence

  • One feels at home immediately, you are in a cocoon so warm and safe…seems the ideal atmosphere for a mind in turmoil

  • Hospitality, they look after you

  • Confidentiality

  • I think they’re wonderful

Clients' feedback about why they would refer someone to Gallang Place:

  • Good counsellors – caring, easy to talk to, understanding

  • Helped me/my family tremendously

  • Appropriate in Aboriginal community, they’re Aboriginal and can talk well with Aboriginal people

  • They help young people; talk with children and not at them.

  • Good confidentiality

  • We are isolated and they come to us. I think others would like it if they knew about it. This is what we need.

  • Service doesn’t cost

  • Genuinely interested and understand Aboriginal issues

  • Culturally sensitive, accepts me for who I am.

Feedback from government and non-government agencies:

  •  I’m very impressed, they have provided a really good service

  • They’re highly professional, they’re willing to provide feedback and give reports

  • In case management, they can argue strongly on behalf of the child against opposing views – very professional

  • We’ve seen some great improvements in clients that they’ve seen

  • Their service is really valuable to us, they fill a large gap.



Gallang Place Gallang Place provides counselling services to Aboriginals and Torres Strait Islanders.