Gallang Place

Strategic Plan

1. Deliver culturally sensitive healing and counselling support services

  • Enhance the social and emotional wellbeing of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people through the delivery of culturally appropriate counselling and healing services.
  • Grow our service capacity and delivery range so we can support more people in regional and remote areas.
  • Respond to community needs by developing new culturally appropriate programs.
  • Expand our services to support young people and families.
  • Deliver the highest quality service through supervision, accreditation and professional development. 

2. Become recognised as the lead agency and partner of choice

  • Establish formal and informal partnerships with Indigenous and non-indigenous organisations with a shared interest in healing and wellbeing.
  • Increase awareness of Gallang Place as a national leader in healing and wellbeing through better communications, marketing, networking.
  • Actively engage in the national and international healing movement through participation and membership of community and professional bodies.
  • Share the benefits of healing at gatherings and by publishing success stories.
  • Encourage Indigenous community organisations to provide counselling and healing services.

3. Provide culturally sensitive education and training programs 

  • Gallang Education & Training (GET) recognised as the market leader in providing culturally appropriate training programs, and the trainer of choice.
  • Create awareness of GET through marketing and promotion.
  • Grow the range of programs offered by GET to include more certified programs and short courses.
  • Expand and develop the GET team so we have the capacity to grow our training programs. 
  • Collaborate with community and industry partners to increase our capacity to engage and deliver training. 

4. Remain a deadly, strong and sustainable organisation

  • Manage Gallang Place as an ethical, accountable and continuously improving organisation.
  • Develop and manage income sources and assets to ensure the long term viability and sustainability of operations and programs.
  • Recruit and support the best staff that are culturally aware and skilled in delivering services to our clients.
  • Engage, develop and support a Board of Directors that represent the interests of our members and ensure strong governance of Gallang Place. 
  • Maintain management and quality systems that protect the integrity of Gallang Place and our programs.



Gallang Place Gallang Place provides counselling services to Aboriginals and Torres Strait Islanders.