BlackCard – Gallang Place Report Launch

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Mental Health Research Report Launch

Funded by Greater Metro South Brisbane Medicare Local BlackCard and Gallang Place undertook a research project into Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander mental health services in Brisbane South. The project consulted with Elders and community members to find ways of improving services to the community.

The launch was held at the QAIHC Offices in South Brisbane on June 4 2014 and was well attended by Elders, community members and a large number of representatives of NGOs and agencies involved in delivering mental health services.

Mundanar Bales, Managing Director of BlackCard said:

“This report will provide a cultural blueprint for everyone delivering any health or support services to Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander people – it’s a ‘must read'”

She went on to say:

“What makes this report unique is that it examines community issues from an ‘Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Frame of Reference.”

BlackCard and Gallang Place praised their insight and support of Greater Metro South Brisbane Medicare Local for making this research possible.


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