Youth Justice Reform meeting

Consultation on Youth Reforms

A Youth Justice Reforms Review Meeting was held on Tuesday 19 October 2021 to gather feed-back on the recent changes to the Youth Justice Act 1992 to gauge if the reform is on track to address serious, repeat youth offending.

Attendees included Mr Bob Atkinson and his team from the Department of Youth Justice, North side Elders and Community Members, as well as staff from Kurbingui, Murri Watch and Gallang Place (youth team, CEO and support workers.

Mr Atikinson led the meeting, welcoming community and arranging introductions of his team, community members and organisations.

The meeting was an opportunity for community to provide feedback on the Youth Justice and Other Legislation Ammendment Act 2021 intending to increase the accountability of methods being trialled to reduce reoffending.

The initial discussion centred around the new anti-hooning laws, trial of metal detecting wands and ankle bracelets and what affect these changes are having on the community.

Some of the concerns bought up were:

  • youth being stopped and questioned by police and other authority figures
  • lack of Police Liaison Officers in the area
  • education around the changes made to legislation.
  • the possibility of the new youth justice laws and programs reducing serious repeat offending by young people
  • the impacts of the new laws on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities
  • the best way to address serious and repeat offending by young people

The feedback will contribute towards the review of the reform.


Image caption: Attendees at the Youth Justice Reform meeting including Live Long Live Strong coordinator Gallang Place Shaquille Blair, Mr Bob Atkinson, CEO of Gallang Place Rachel Malthouse, Aunty Hazel Fisher, Executive Officer Healing Gallang Place  Batasi Morris, Board Member of Gallang Place Aunty Shirley Finn, Counsellors and Support Workers from Gallang Place Glenn Wagner, Jessica Bong and Jesse Thompson.