Batasi Morris (Executive Officer -Healing) and Michelle Schoonbeek (Executive Officer – Operations) had the pleasure of attending the Ipswich Murri Interagency meeting on Tuesday, 2 April 2019.

The Ipswich Murri Interagency Meetings are scheduled on the first Tuesday of each month and are organised and facilitated by Derek Kinchela, Indigenous Australian Community Development Officer, Ipswich City Council.

The meeting was a fantastic opportunity to network with representatives from the non-government sector, Queensland Government and community members as well as reconnect with some old friends from the past!!!!

The meeting was extra special given that we had the opportunity to catch up with Rebecca Smith who was a counsellor at Gallang Place prior to taking up a role with Mental Health, Queensland Government.

Derek does an amazing job in organising these important meetings and we would like to thank Derek for all his hard work and commitment to ensuring that we have such a fantastic opportunity to come together to share information and to continue learning about different programs and services available for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.